‘In 3 words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: IT GOES ON.’

The last few years have held a lot of ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’ for me

First time staying in a hospital

First time having to do at some points daily bloodwork, then weekly

First time I heard from a doctor that I could have died

Last time working

Last time feeling like a contributing member of society

First time participating in a art show

First time staying in a crisis centre

Last time trusting a specialist

First time selling art that my own hands created

Last time living in a condo (I hope) 😬

First time moving out of Toronto

First time having a postal code not start with an ‘M’

And all the firsts associated with COVID of course

Especially from a person living with a compromised immune system

I come from a place of thinking where nothing lasts forever

Sometimes it’s for the best

And sometimes it sucks but it ends anyway

I’ve decided to not renew this FUCK MS space for writing

It feels outdated

When I started FUCK MS

It was a place to vent and rant and just share my feelings around having MS

Obviously it morphed into so much more than that

It became a place where I could write about anything and everything

And I relished that

Then I found Art

And needing a space to write felt less important to me

Because I was sharing my feelings through every piece my hands created

Using poetry and broken images somehow become a way for me to say what was in my heart and mind

I’ve copied everything from here and who knows

Maybe I’ll write a book

Or something

Maybe I’ll be back under the Damaged Goods name

With something that feels more in tune with where I currently am


Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the things that came from my muddled brain

Thank you to everyone who took the time to drop me a line

It was a lifeline for me

And no amount of thank yous will ever be enough

This space expires in January

So maybe I’ll be back

Who knows?

If anyone wants to reach me

Shoot me an email at damagedgoodsshoppe@gmail.com



5 thoughts on “‘In 3 words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: IT GOES ON.’”

  1. Love this. If you do leave, I wish you the very best of luck. I found it very cathartic to write my book You Don’t Look Sick about my journey with MS, and I also know the experience of losing trust in a doctor. Unfortunately, doctors are not gods – sometimes they are wrong, too.

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  2. I’m just seeing this post now as I’ve gotten really behind in the last year of the few blogs I follow on here.

    I’ve never paid for for my WP site so I don’t know what happens to those who do and then choose not to renew it, hopefully the content stays as I know your insight has provided an enormous amount of comfort to many but you have to what you feel is best for you.

    I think had something to the effect, a few years ago when you first started blogging when your diagnosis turned your world upside down as it applied to work, as fucked up as our lives can get due to illnesses by sharing what we share, it sometimes can help a total stranger get clarity, comfort and sense of community that even those we love the most may not ever be able to identify and provide to us.

    As so much that it feels like it’s been taken away or robbed from you, you still were able to help others and you should be proud of yourself with that and that is nothing anyone can take from you, ever.

    huge hugs ❤

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